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Mount Rubidoux Climbing and Hiking Trails

Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable and scenic hike or a challenging mountaineering adventure, Mount Rubidoux has plenty of options. The mountain is home to an impressive network of hiking trails that wind through the park, offering stunning views of the area and the city below.

Trail Information

The main trail is a 2.7 mile paved loop that leads to the summit of the mountain at 1,331 feet above sea level. This is a family-friendly trail that is great for hiking, running, and cycling. Learn more here in Riverside CA.

There are two options to get to the summit: one is a steep way that gets you to the top quicker and the other is an easier and more gradual route that takes you around the mountain. Both are paved and will bring you to the summit of the mountain with beautiful views of the city below.

At the summit is a big cross which makes it great for a photoshoot or just to enjoy the views. It is also a great place to watch the sunset because of the incredible views of the city below.

Hiking & Mountaineering Info

There is a large amount of climbing and hiking that happens at Rubidoux. It’s a popular local climb that is easy to access and has a lot of quality boulder problems and routes. There is enough to keep most people busy for years, and the hilltop is also home to a world-famous cliff that boasts numerous top-ropes and top-quality routes.

Hiking & Mountaineering Tips

A few months ago, I took my kids to Mt. Rubidoux to do some hiking and they loved it! They were able to see some really cool things and they even got to scramble up some giant steps that lead to the Peace Tower on the North side of the mountain or the summit, cross and elevation marker on the South side of the mountain.

We started at the main trail that is paved and then we walked through the woods. There are many different types of trees and bushes throughout the whole hike. It is a great family activity and you can bring your dogs along too.

The hike to the summit is a bit longer than the other hikes I did, but it is worth it. The views are spectacular and the hike is a fun one for the whole family. It can be a bit windy but you can always find a spot where you can sit and relax, and enjoy the scenery.

It is a good idea to have a water bottle with you when you hike and make sure you don’t run out of water on the trails. This is a very popular and fun trail so it can be crowded at times, so be sure to take your time and enjoy the view!

The park has many historical sites and is also home to a cave system that was used during the prohibition era. It was a great place for people to drink illegal liquor during this time. Learn more information about Van Buren Drive In Theatre And Swap Meet.

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