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Fairmount Park Kids Out and About Inland Empire

Whether you’re visiting Riverside or the surrounding Inland Empire, you’ll find many great ways to enjoy the outdoors and have fun with your family. Whether you’re looking to spend time outside playing in the park, shopping at the local farmers’ market or taking a dip in the lake, there’s something for everyone! Learn more here in Riverside, CA.

1. Check out the new Universal Playground at Fairmount Park, a unique space designed with kids in wheelchairs and those who have special needs in mind.

The new playground is part of a multimillion-dollar renovation of one of Riverside’s largest and most scenic parks. The new facility features a variety of picnic areas, a lawn bowling green, rental pedal boats and even a colorful rose garden.

2. Visit the Fox Performing Arts Center, which offers high-quality music, dance and theater performances by professional groups from around the world!

If you’re in the mood for a night out with your family, check out the Fox Performing Arts Center. It’s located on the west side of downtown Riverside and is a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy high-quality entertainment.

3. Go to a Farmers’ Market for a Fresh, Local Experience

The Inland Empire is known for its excellent farmer’s markets, where you can buy produce and other local products. These are a great way to teach your children where their food comes from and how the local community supports them.

4. Take a Tour at a Museum

The San Bernardino County Museum is a great place to explore the natural science and local history of the area. The museum has several exhibits and offers a low admission fee.

5. Check out a Children’s Art Museum

There are plenty of museums in the Inland Empire that offer children’s art exhibits and activities. The Riverside Art Museum is home to a great collection of works by artists such as Toulouse Lautrec and Marc Chagall.

6. Go to a Museum for a Family Night

If your child has autism or other special needs, there are many museums in the Inland Empire that offer autism-friendly programs and activities for families. The Chino Youth Museum hosts a monthly PLAY Together Family Night where kids with autism and their parents can have fun in a sensory-friendly environment.

7. Go to a Farmer’s Market

If you live in the Inland Empire, there are many farmer’s markets throughout the region where you can get your fix of fresh, local fruits and vegetables. You can then make a delicious meal from what you’ve found!

8. Hike through Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park

If you want a scenic and relaxing day outdoors, try hiking a trail at this popular Wilderness park. With 25 miles of trails and plenty of wildlife, this is a great choice for families.

9. Take a Ride at the Cove Waterpark

There’s no shortage of water parks in the Inland Empire! From the Lil’ Mates’ Lagoon to the Crow’s Nest Slides, the Ne’er Endin’ River and the Riptide Reef FlowRider, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the summer. Learn more information about UC Riverside Botanic Gardens – A Nature Oasis and Living Museum in California.

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